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Irrigation management

MOOIC award FinalF

Kαλημέρα σε όλο το οικοσύστημα. Ένα μικρό απόσπασμα από το υπέροχο βιβλίο του William Ury, Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult Situations, τώρα που είναι η περίοδος της διαπραγμάτευσης για την τιμολόγηση του κόπου ενός έτους για εμάς τους ελαιοπαραγωγούς. Το πιο απλό και το...

Water irrigation management-ΠΟΤΙΣΜΑ

I know that it is probably not a good idea to talk about olive irrigation management in orchards now, but water management is critical for tree uniformity and sustained high yields of superior quality. Mature orchards require substantial shoot growth to replace old fruitwood and...

Irrigation requirements for olive trees

The research on the specific water requirements for olive is relatively recent, possibly because much of the world's acreage is not irrigated. Where irrigation is practiced, the water supply is so limited in most areas that only a small fraction of the potential orchard need...