Rhizoma Extra Virgin Olive Oil | London IOOC-2016 our first awards-bottle
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London IOOC-2016 our first awards-bottle

London bottle

07 Aug London IOOC-2016 our first awards-bottle

We are very proud of our selection on the bottle of Rhizoma Olive Oil and London’s IOOC decided to award us with the silver medal for the ergonomy and the functionality of it. This is exactly the feedback we get from all our customers who buy our products; they enjoy not only tasting them but also using them since they are so user-friendly. They are equiped with an award winning verso tip for controlled flow especially made for rhizoma. Along with the super protective box which actually prevents photo-degradation of the sensitive juice. In the box there is also a stopper which prevents the top of the bottle from moving inside the box and a double bottom which secures the transfer of the bottle and the box from the shelf in the consumer’s basket. Thank you London for the silve medal.